Richard Loves Birds

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Book Launch November 16! Fantastic Press-Out Flying Birds

My new book of die-cut press-out birds that you can pop out, fold and fly is coming out November 16 from Dover Publications!

It has 24 birds rendered realistically, great for bird identification and teaching, but mostly for flying fun. Dover priced it so you can buy one to use and one to save (save the birds!). View a video >>

Bird Miracles No. 1: The Bar-tailed Godwit

An article on titled “The Bar-tailed Godwit undertakes one of the avian world’s most extraordinary migratory journeys” is a mind-blower of the first water.


OK, So I love birds

I love birds: the way black feathers shine iridescently sky blue and purple, the gestures of their wings, the supreme grace of the seagull flying, the whirrr of the red-winged blackbird in the morning, as it sways on a cattail in our pond.