Design is one thing


I am a designer, puppeteer, artist, songwriter, inventor, and mechanical designer. My great grandmother heard Iroquois stories around the home hearth, and I have a deep respect and love for my Native heritage.

My design process begins with informing myself on everything about the project, the people, and the business. I filter all this through my own quirky, intuitive creative process, and distill the essence of what I discover into my designs.

Design is one thing, a process that can be applied to any endeavor. I love the process, and carefully select projects that will be fully rewarding.


Research: Music for Chronic Pain

I am at the planning stage of  project to find and create music for the relief of chronic pain. Chronic pain is processed in many different areas of the brain, unlike acute, short-term pain. It involves emotions, memory, and mood, with contributors from different neural pathways.

Based on a few assumptions, derived from my initial research, I will attempt to develop a framework for determining the potential effectiveness of music, and for composing music for the purpose of addressing chronic pain through neural entrainment in the alpha and theta bands of neural electromagnetic radiation.

I plan to work with neurologists, psychologists, musicians, and music therapists to develop an approach to this work.