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Family Websites

When you have a talented family, you have to show them off a little. Here's a sampling of what some of my family members are up to.

My daughter's band: Sorcha and the Clearing

Find them at: and www.reverbnation/sorchaandtheclearing

Amazing and compelling songwriter and singer, Sorcha plays solo and with other artists from duos to big band.

A pensive photo from her website.


Photo by Dylan Verner

Trevor Cribben Merrill

Trevor sits on the Research Committe of Imitatio: Integrating Human Sciences.

Trevor's new book was published by Bloomsbury. Check Trevor's author page

It's a reading of Milan Kundera's oeuvre through the lens of the late philosopher Rene Girard's philosophy of mimetic desire.

My son Abe's website

wood sculpture by Abram Barrett

My wife Susan's websites

OK, I designed them and built them and maintain them, but she does the art and the teaching!

Below is part of a video produced and edited by brother-in-law Frank Ferrel (see further below).


Brother-in-Law Frank Ferrel

A bodacious fiddler and musicologist of 20th-century fiddlers, a long-time television producer for Monitor Television and Maine Public Television, artist, teacher, etc. His name is really Leonardo daFerrel.

Brother-in-Law Lincoln Clapp

lincoln-clapp.jpgLincoln is on Linked-In (naturally - get it?), and his awesome (gold and platinum) music engineer discography can be found here.

He has also handmade a line of Lincsonic guitars.